Mirador San Jose Mirador San Jose

Mirador San JoseMirador San Jose


    Playa Tortuga

    Playa Tortuga, Machlilla Park, Manabi, Ecuador

    Located just beside Los Frailes Beach and the Mirador Las Fragatas. One can easily walk from Playa Los Frailes to Playa Tortuga passing just in front of the… Read more »

    Playa Murciélago, Manta, Manabi

    Playa Murcielago has bigger waves than Tarqui bus is less protected. This beach is the most popular one for tourists and locals.

    Tarqui Beach & Boatyard

    This is a great place to visit in the morning as it is normally busy with vendor’s  carts, selling many different kinds of fish including tuna, swordfish… Read more »

    Playa Los Frailes

    Playa Los Frailes, Manabi, Ecuador